Wales wants to overturn the disqualification Giggs

Wales wants to overturn the disqualification GiggsAccording to British newspaper the Sun, football authorities Wales intend to appeal to UEFA, who yesterday was disqualified leading Welsh midfielder Ryan Giggs on two international matches. This decision was taken by the disciplinary Committee, on the basis of the consideration of a scene from a play-off match between Russia and Wales in Moscow, when Giggs struck Russian defender Vadim Evseev."We want to UEFA watched the whole match, especially incidents that led to the fall of the Russian player", - said the representative of the football Association of Wales mark Evans.If the appeal Welsh side will be rejected, Giggs will have to miss the first two qualifying match of world Cup 2006. According to the results of yesterday's draw Wales are in the same group with teams from England, Poland, Austria, Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan.. . . . Читать полностью -->

To freeze the Wales team in Moscow UEFA will not allow

To freeze the Wales team in Moscow UEFA will not allowIn that case, if the first play-off match of Euro 2004 from Wales, the temperature in Moscow will be below 10 degrees Celsius, and UEFA will not allow you to start a meeting, according to "Телеспорт.Ru" with reference to the RFU. The decision to play or not in the capital of Russia, will be made by the panel of judges on the day of the game. In that case, if the verdict is negative, the RFU have to hastily search on the map of the country, the city not only with more favorable climatic conditions, but with a stadium that meets the requirements of UEFA. Southern cities, where you can spend the match, at this point only two: Rostov-on-don, Novorossiysk. Traditionally was called Volgograd and Vladikavkaz, but continues in the first endless repair stands, and the second is not suitable for safety reasons.. . Читать полностью -->

The Manchester United midfielder claimed Newcastle and Tottenham

The Manchester United midfielder claimed Newcastle and TottenhamAs reported by the British media, the midfielder of Manchester United" Nicky butt, the other day who asked the club to let him leave the team, is on his way to Newcastle. 28-year-old butt would be a suitable substitute Gary AIDS, close to retirement. General Manager of "forty" sir Bobby Robson has not confirmed nor denied this information, saying that he could not talk about the transfer of players from other clubs.Meanwhile, a great interest in the player for England shows capital Tottenham. In an interview with The Sun, the representative of the management of Londoners called the acquisition BATT transfer the purpose of the club, "if the cost would be acceptable.". . . Читать полностью -->

Calendar-2004 will change - Russian Premier League

Calendar-2004 will changeRussian Premier League has prepared a preliminary draft of the calendar of the championship of Russia in 2004. The final version will be approved after consultation with the heads of the clubs of the Premier League until January 26. In the meantime, the schedule of the first round, scheduled for March 13-14, looks like:"wings of the Soviets" - "Saturn", "Alania" - "Rubin", Rostov - Spartak, Zenit - "Rotor", "torpedo-metallurg" - CSKA Moscow, Kuban - Amkar, "Lokomotiv" - "Saturn", "torpedo" - "Dinamo".The discontent version of the calendar has already expressed the head coach of Zenit Vlastimil the former. According to the official website, the Czech specialist unhappy proposed Zenit schedule of matches. For this reason, the club will abandon the project calendar.. . Читать полностью -->

In Berlin begins construction of Football FIFA globe

In Berlin begins construction of Football FIFA globeIn Berlin on Friday on the ground in front of the Brandenburg gate begins construction of "Football FIFA globe", dedicated to the FIFA world Cup 2006 in Germany, reports the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany.The author of the unusual globe with a diameter of 15 m is an Austrian Andre Heller.Globe-giant will be "mobile character" of the upcoming world Cup and will visit all the cities of Germany, where will the preliminary matches. The way he finishes again in Berlin, attending the final game, said the interior Ministry Germany.Grand opening of "Football FIFA globe" will be held in Berlin in exactly 1 thousand days before the 2006 world Cup. It is scheduled for September 12 this year. The ceremony will be attended by the German Chancellor Gerhard schröder, Minister of the interior Otto Schily, the FIFA President Joseph Blatter and the President of the organizing Committee for the 2006 world Cup Franz Beckenbauer.Since September 13, erected in front of the Brandenburg gate "Football FIFA globe will begin to receive its first visitors. They can go inside it and become spectators of different virtual interactive games and projections.At night, decorated with illuminations, "Football FIFA globe" will turn into a glowing globe.//RIA 'Novosti'. . Читать полностью -->

The British refuse to play with the Turks - team players England

The British refuse to play with the TurksTeam players England have announced their intention to boycott the decisive match of the qualifying tournament of the European championship against Turkey, according to soccerage. The action is conceived as a sign of solidarity with Rio Ferdinand, who was removed from the match. English players had a unanimous vote, the results of which informed Sven-Goran Eriksson. The English Football Association have denied these reports. However, the British media reported that the threat of a strike exists. Ferdinand was suspended from the game, as they will be refused a drug test, organized by the Association. Читать полностью -->

Chievo and Verona can be combined into one club

Chievo and Verona can be combined into one clubAccording to reports, the Italian press in the near future, two of the club representing the town of Verona - Chievo ('Chievo') and Hellas (better known as 'Verona'), may merge into one.The clubs are on the same stadium 'the Match'. In recent years, dominated by the 'Chievo', entrenched in Serie a, while 'Verona' are unable to avoid relegation to Serie B. In the current season of 'Verona' performs so poorly in the second Italian division and is in the danger zone of relegation to Serie C1, reports Goalstorm.It is reported that the clubs will unite under the name of Hellas Verona, while retaining the existing command 'Chievo'. The new club will be headed by the current President 'Chievo' Luca Campedelli. . . Читать полностью -->

Agustn the national team of Bulgaria for the match with Russia

Agustn the national team of Bulgaria for the match with RussiaThe head coach of the national team of Bulgaria Plamen Markov has named his squad, which will be released on the game with the national team of Russia on March 31, according to Reuters. Just called Markov 18 players from 12 clubs, among which are representatives of the former Soviet republics - Dynamo Kiev and Sattr" Donetskstal: Zdravko Zdravkov ("Litex"), Dimitar Ivankov (Levski).Defenders: Elin Topuzakov, Ilian Stoyanov (both "Levski"), Rosen Kirilov, Zlatomir Zagorec (both "Litex"), Predrag Pazin (Shakhtar Donetsk), Ivaylo Petkov (Fenerbahce), Midfielders: Georgi Peev (Dynamo Kiev), Stelian Petrov (Celtic), Marian Hristov ("Kaiserslautern"), Milen Petkov (AEK), Todor Yanchev, Velizar Dimitrov (both CSKA Sofia).Forwards: Dimitar Berbatov (Leverkusen), Martin Petrov (VfL Wolfsburg), Zoran Janković ("Litex"), Zdravko Lazarov (Gaziantepspor). . . . . Читать полностью -->

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